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Crossbollinn 2.bikar: Ártúnsbrekka


Crossbollinn 2.bikar: Ártúnsbrekka

Yesterday saw 2nd round of the Tindur Crossbollinn held on a new course at Ártúnsbrekka and it turned out to be a race to remember. All 34 competitors that had pre-entered turned up, and another 3 were added  on the day, making it the most popular cyclocross race held so far. Perhaps we were lucky with the weather; i'm not sure everyone would have been so enthusiastic braving todays storm!

Nonetheless, the race set off at just after 11, and quickly turned into a Battle Royale between Haffi and Ingvar. Standing on the finish line and timing does not give me a great perspective of the entire race, and so I shall refer you to Ingvar's summary of the experience if you'd like to know more about that. 

As well as the track being new, we inaugurated another new element to the competition; there was to be a prize for the "Best Dressed" rider. Despite the late notice we had a number of notable entries: a knight (Birna Jónsdóttir), a kilted Scotsman (Róbert Tómasson), a sharp suited Árni Guðmundsson and pink caped Super T(horgerður Pálsdóttir) and I'm not entirely sure what Davið Þór was, but i'm certain he was extremely warm. Hats off to you all - the win went to Róbert. The prize for each month will be a free haircut from Ævar at Slippurinn!

It was a great race, and I would like to extend thanks to Bootcamp for supplying the use of a couple of obstacles and their reception area, Bragi, Lárus, Ólafur and Halldór for setting up and taking down the course, all the people that turned up to watch the spectacle and, of course, all of you that turned up to compete - we hope to see you all next month (on a course likely to be in the central Reykjavík area) on December 14th. Sign up here!


David James Robertson
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